Teams Cancelled for 2018

As many have seen on the news in recent days, a large increase in the price of fuel was announced on July 6th which triggered widespread protests in our beloved Haiti. The sad reality is that the Haitians feel this is the only way for their voices to be heard. This projected fuel hike would be detrimental to the majority of the Haitian people which are making less than $3 per day. This announcement was the spark that was needed to ignite an already tense political situation. In reaction to the current climate, the US embassy in Haiti has increased the security threat rating in Haiti at this time to a level 4.

While things are quiet out in Mirebalais and our staff is safe, we know things can change at any time. We are choosing to be proactive rather than reactive to these changes. The level 4 status negates travel insurance and changes things dramatically. Due to the unrest and risk potential in Haiti, the tough decision has been made to cancel all Grace So Amazing mission teams for the remainder of 2018.

We ask that you keep Grace So Amazing and our staff in your constant prayers. This will have a huge impact on the way we do ministry, and how we travel. We depend on the support and prayers of our teams to thrive. We are trusting God to see us through this season and hope to re-open our team travels in February 2019.