Grace So Amazing is a Christian non-profit organization working to lessen the devastating impact of poverty, conflict, and chaos among children and youth living in Haiti through a Christ-centered, holistic approach of caring for mind, body, and soul. Our goal is to strengthen communities through programs created to educate and empower to ensure positive and sustainable outcomes one child at a time.

Love loves to love.

John Piper


Grace House is a place of refuge and shelter for babies and children born into crisis. We house, feed, and educate over 15 children in need. Not only are we caring and providing for these precious little lives, we also work with families in the community, teaching them parenting skills and helping them to develop a strong family unit. We aim to prevent the cycle of unwanted, unplanned pregnancy and help women and families know that they can choose to have children, and raise them in a loving and God-serving family.

Your support literally keeps the lights on at Grace House. It allows us to provide food, clothes, toys, and education to our orphans. It also provides for community family support, helping families when they are in need of physical help – like food, clothing, etc. – and emotional support – such as counseling and new parent training.


Our Infant Nutrition Program is for at risk infants birth to 24 months. Frequently, young mothers have no assistance immediately after giving birth. If the mother is not able to breastfeed, less nutritious food like mashed rice and beans are given to babies, due to the high cost of formula. As a result, vital nutrients necessary for healthy brain and physical development are neglected, and stunted growth and brain function is often the result. Through generous donations, we are able to implement a program helping mothers to provide nutritionally complete formula for their infants, and educating them on the importance of breastfeeding, and supporting them with a lactation specialist when able.

Your support helps us purchase much needed formula which prevents stunted growth and promotes proper brain development. It also allows us to bring a lactation specialist nurse to Haiti, as much as possible, to work with mothers who need help feeding their babies.

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