"Love Loves to Love"  ~John Piper

Grace Children's Home is a place of refuge and shelter for babies and children born into crisis. When children are not planned for, wanted or loved - the outcome can be devastating. However, through our baby/child rescue and assistance program GSA is able to lovingly come alongside mothers and families that feel like they have no hope and no options. Not only are we caring and providing for precious little lives, but we are also working to encourage and support the family through developing healthy life skills such as routines, structure and accountability which can help restore the family unit and reduce and perhaps even prevent the cycle of unwanted, unplanned pregnancy in the future. God has entrusted human beings with the power of choice - we want to help women and families know - they can choose to have children, to keep them and choose to love them as well.  

New for 2015 is our infant feeding/nutrition program for at risk infants birth to 24 months. Frequently young mothers have no assistance immediately after giving birth, especially when the birth process is in the home or other less than desirable places. The understanding of breastfeeding a newborn may be in place, but if it doesn't all go smoothly from the beginning, they give up and resort to an alternative food source. Because of the high cost of formula, less nutritious food is given such as mashed beans and/or rice, etc. As a result the vital nutrients necessary forhealthy brain and physical development are neglected, and stunted growth and brain function is typically the result.  Through generous donations in the last half of '15, we were able to implement a nutrition program to help five mothers to provide nutritionally  complete formula for their infants. Our goal for 2016 is to help twenty five mothers do the same. We are also working to create opportunities for mothers to learn about the important benefits of breast-feeding (first milk) and encourage and support them in their efforts along the way.

If you feel compelled to give financially to GSA's infant nutrition program you can make a donation on the home page, or send a check to our GSA office and indicate "INP" in memo.